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What you have started here is a real life lighthouse for those, like myself, looking for relief.  The kids, especially Callie (3 year old with spina bifida) had a blast rolling (yes rolling) down Jockey's Ridge.  Swimming the sound was a first for us...  This is the most relaxed since - before Callie was born.  Thank you. 

Callie, Nancy and family



God bless your generosity and love for children battling illnesses.  This was a welcoming week with no needles or doctors appointments.  We were able to spend happy quality time with our family. 

Ryan and family (Jeff, Diane and Alyssa)



Thank you for everything you have done for us and Brandon.  This week has made our summer.  ..Brandon had the time of his life here.  The weather was beautiful.  He had a great time fishing and going to the beach.  Brandon is recovering from a liver transplant and this week has helped immensely.  Thank you again.

Brandon, Lynn and John



This was an amazing week for our family.  this home is such a welcome refuge from the chaos of our everyday lives.  We are grateful for the opportunity to spend a week together in this place of peace and happiness, thanks to you. 

Melissa and family