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Scholarship Fund

As part of our mission, the foundation offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors to further education and employment possibilities in the health-related medical field.  This fund was established in 2012, and a non-renewable $1,000 scholarship was given to a graduating senior from each of the Dare County high schools and from the Currituck school system. 

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Hunter Wright - Manteo High School 

Branch Vincent - First Flight High School

Deborah Rougthon - Cape Hatteras Secondary School

Ricky Lynn Hill III - Currituck High School

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Wendy Barrera - Manteo High School

Wesley Rawles - First Flight High School

Taylor Randall - Cape Hatteras Secondary School

Christopher Lee - Currituck High School

Sierra Banks - J.P. Knapp Secondary School

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Harvey Hatcher Shiflet V - Manteo High School

Hailey Heinz - First Flight High School

Emma Gilbert - First Flight High School

Catherine Elliott - Currituck High School

Jordan Phillips - Cape Hatteras Secondary School  

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Waverly Reibel - Manteo High School 

Canyon Campion - First Flight High School

Robert Charles Eberhard - First Flight High School

Katherine Williams - Cape Hatteras Secondary School

Courtney Silvio - Currituck High School

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Natalie Twiford - Manteo High School

Jayda Willis - First Flight High School

Macy Quidley - Cape Hatteras Secondary School

Erin Sousa - Currituck High School

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Mackenzie Ulmer-Meekins - Manteo High School

Mikayla Peterson - First Flight High School

Madison Dozier - Currituck High School

Avery Johnson - Cape Hatteras Secondary School

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Lauren Woody - Manteo High School

Crewe Douglas - First Flight High School

Jenna Akers - Currituck High School

Tayler Gavetti - Cape Hatteras Secondary School

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Sophia Farrow - Manteo High School

Cecilia Cortez - First Flight High School

Molly Greenwood - Cape Hatteras Secondary School

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Litzy Velazquez Tover - Manteo High School

Judy Williams - First Flight High School

Ashby King - First Flight High School

Hannah Dozier - Currituck High School

" I am extremely appreciative of the scholarship and grateful to the committee for choosing me as a recipient.  This scholarship has helped make it possible for me to start my journey toward pursuing my career goal of athletic trainer.  I plan to make all of those who have believed in me and have helped fund my education proud."   Hunter Wright

" I wanted to thank you so much for the Surf Pediatric Scholarship you gave me... I am going to use the opportunity you have given me to get an education and become what I have always dreamed of."      Wendy Barrera