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Living Swell Program

Surf Pediatrics and Medicine is dedicated to providing well rounded healthcare and wellness not only for each individual child, but to the community as a whole. 

In an attempt to improve our reach we have developed the Living Swell program which is designed to educate children and their families on the importance of a well balanced diet, daily physical activity, and a positive outlook.  Our mission is to rejuvenate children's well being by implementing gradual and attainable changes that will ultimately serve to foster a lifelong healthy routine. 

A pilot program was designed over a three-month period, where each participant in the program received an email every morning to kick start their day.  Each email contained a health fact pertaining to either the area of nutrition, fitness or behavioral health.  Fun suggestions for simple modifications to help improve overall wellness were included in the email.  The changes suggested were not only simple to apply to your busy lives, but were creative and fun; making the journey to a healthier lifestyle an enjoyable one!  Along with daily emails, physical assessments of participants and a cooking lesson and fitness program were made throughout the program. 

Example of Day 16 email:  

Day 16— Instead of bending over, burn a few extra calories by squatting to pick up your backpack. In this Living Swell video, our nurse, Brittany, will demonstrate how to do a proper squat.