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Respite Retreats

One of the primary goals of the Surf Pediatric Foundation is to offer respite retreats for families with children having a chronic and/or life threatening disease.  The vision is to facilitate a stress-free week that provides appropriate housing and logistics and support allowing the entire family to participate in a  special get-away.

Logistically, it can be very difficult for families to take a much needed get-away with financial constraints and stresses related to travel arrangements.  SPF hopes to ease this burden by providing a homelike environment that encourages children and their families to escape to the beauty of the beach/ocean and experience the peace and solace that comes from creating joyful memories with the people they most cherish. 

The program relies entirely on the use of donated homes in the Outer Banks community; and at present, has one home dedicated to its respite use.  In 2011 - 2015, SPF has provided 30 respite retreats.

Application process

Professionals from hospital and health-care organizations, regional medical societies and network clinics, and other non-profit organizations can refer potential candidates and their families to SPF's respite program. 

Once a pediatric patient has been nominated to stay at a respite home, families will be required to complete an application and a qualification/ eligibility process. This process will lawfully verify that the child has a chronic and/or terminal disease and is able to participate in the respite program, and identify what medical requirements are needed during their stay.  There is no gender, race, religious, ethnic nor socio-economic limitation.

Once a child qualifies, SPF coordinators will contact the family to schedule an available week that works best for their respite stay.  Families participating in a respite will need to cover their transportation, food and activities.  At times, complimentary services such as bike rentals, family photo sessions, and resturant gift certificates are provided.